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    Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

    Shots fired


    lmao 100% through with it

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    you’ll be working in the darkness
    against your fellow man
    and you’ll find you’re called to come forth
    so you’ll scrub and you’ll scrub
    but the trouble is, bud
    the blood it won’t wash off
    no, it won’t come off!
    you better run, you better run
    you better run to the City of Refuge

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    thanks to gentrification, they’re starting to push out / evict tenants who can’t pay the steeping rent prices, myself included. so I made this gofundme in hopes to save something for the eventual eviction or just to keep up with rent if we don’t get evicted. any…

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  6. In the 1890s, when Freud was in the dawn of his career, he was struck by how many of his female patients were revealing childhood [sexual] victimization to him. Freud concluded that child sexual abuse was one of the major causes of emotional disturbances in adult women and wrote a brilliant and humane paper called “The Aetiology of Hysteria.” However, rather than receiving acclaim from his colleagues for his ground-breaking insights, Freud met with scorn. He was ridiculed for believing that men of excellent reputation (most of his patients came from upstanding homes) could be perpetrators of incest.
    Within a few years, Freud buckled under this heavy pressure and recanted his conclusions. In their place he proposed the “Oedipus complex,” which became the foundation of modern psychology… Freud used this construct to conclude that the episodes of abuse his clients had revealed to him had never taken place; they were simply fantasies of events the women had wished for… This construct started a hundred-year history in the mental health field of blaming victims for the abuse perpetrated on them and outright discrediting of women’s and children’s reports of mistreatment by men.

    ― Lundy Bancroft

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    read this carve it into your brains permanently etch it into your skulls r e a d  t h i s

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    i don’t know how to deal with this

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    Kerry Washington performing Sojourner Truth's 1851 "Ain't I A Woman" speech

     A clip from the History Channel’s “The People Speak”

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    Labor Day 2014
    In Ferguson
    Credit to the young man that I listed above.

    Labor Day in Ferguson.

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  9. At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it?
    Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings (via yball)
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  10. no words

    no words

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